Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

Minus Monday* – 9th Week

*Yes, I know it’s Friday. I still get points for trying, right?

Starting weight: 125.0

Well, that was an interesting week.

I decided that since I had a fairly good handle on eating, I would begin to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine. My goal was to add 30 mins of strength training mixed with cardio on the days I did not have martial arts class. That worked out great. I was a little sore by the end of the week and my neck was bothering me a tad, so I will have to adjust a few exercises. But I did it and I’m glad for that. Looking to do the same for the upcoming week.

However, on the food side, terrible. I had gotten used to eating when I was hungry and not eating when I wasn’t. The problem was my body was telling me I was hungry all the time. It was crazy. I could have just eaten, but it felt like I hadn’t eaten in hours. I wasn’t prepared to adjust my food schedule to make up for the extra energy I was putting out and so I ate waaaay more than I should have eaten.

I did get back on track but it took all week. Next week should go smoother. Or, that’s the plan anyway.

Ending weight: 125 lbs


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