Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

Minus Monday – 8th week

Starting weight: 123.0


Meals: 2 protein bars (280), 1 cereal bar (120), veggie soup (200), 2 bowls cereal (400), milk chocolate (100) Total: 1100

Water: 60 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 2 protein bars (340), apple (75), bowl of cereal (200), large salad (100), 4 oz grilled fish (150), buttered bread (150), milk chocolate (100) Total: 1115

Water: 74 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 2 protein bars (220), apple (75), small salad (100), 3 oz grilled chicken (130), 1 bowl cereal and milk (200), 1 slice cheese (70), beef jerky (80), 2 cheese slices (140) Total:1015

Water: 74 oz

Exercise: 20 mins sparring/ 10 mins aerobics/ 10 mins grappling


Meals: 1 protein bar (110), ham and cheese sandwich (300), apple (75), fried okra (175), bowl of cereal (200), Seagram’s strawberry daquiri (160)      (We were just unwinding for the evening when we found out our favorite movie theater was the scene of a mass shooting. After verifying all close family and friends were ok, I felt the need for a drink) Total: 1020

Water: 74 oz

Exercise: 30 mins yard work/ 15 mins aerobics/ 30 mins grappling


Meals: 21 protein bar (220), small bowl cereal and milk (200), minestrone soup (200), candy (300) Total: 920

Water: 60 oz

Exercise: 30 mins yard work


Meals: 2 protein bars (250), cheese sandwich (240), 1 bag of chips (160), chicken and rice soup (200), dark chocolate (100), Powerade (160) Total: 1110

Water: 74 oz

Exercise: 1 hour yard work

The shooting put things into sharp focus for me the past few days.


Meals: 1 biscuit (200), 2 protein bars (220), salad (100), grilled chicken (150), bag of chips (160), candy (200) Total: 1030

Water: 50 oz

Exercise: 30 mins yard work

Ending weight: 125.0

This is the first weight I’ve gotten I don’t understand. Looking back over the week, I don’t see where I went badly wrong. I exercised a bit more, drank enough water, and kept my calories within my range (yes, there was more candy than usual, but I didn’t pig out). On top of that, my clothes are fitting a bit looser than they were a few weeks ago. So I don’t know if my weight has truly gone up or if there is a problem with the scale. I guess I’ll see next week.


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