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2016 Resolutions

Is today really all that different from yesterday? Is there anything I will do tomorrow which could not have been done last week? Looked at dispassionately, the answer is probably no. But there is something attractive about new beginnings, a hope that a few more rough edges will be buffed away to reveal a better human being underneath.

Last year I tried the idea of breaking my goals for the year into different categories, the better to pinpoint exactly where I’d like to make improvements to my life. Overall, I liked the results, so here I am, making little goals again.

Health: Walking and light strength training will be my targets for exercise. I am committing to 30 minutes of walking each day and 30 minutes of strength training Monday and Friday. I am committing to 3 bottles of water each day, which works out to 73 oz (even if I have to buy additional water bottles because I keep leaving my one bottle different places and forgetting where I left it). I am committing to 2 cups of vegetables each day, though I am still trying to figure out how I’m going to reach that one.

Spiritual: I am committing to 15 minutes of spiritual reading/reflection in the morning, 15 minutes right before bed, and 1 rosary each day. If I finish Jesus of Nazareth and Church History, I will find other appropriate books to take their place. Also, dedicated times of prayer morning and evening as a family (though still working on the exact times).

Intellectual: I will continue my goal of reading a new classic book each month. I have not picked out all the titles, but will complete the list by the end of the week. In addition, I will attend an online class (from Future Learn or some other site) once each quarter on a subject I do not understand.

Writing: I will write for 20 minutes when I sit for afternoon coffee each day. It may be on this blog, it may be on one of my stories, it may be something else entirely. The point is, I will write.

These are my personal goals. My husband and I have also made goals concerning our finances, community service, charity, children’s activities, etc, which I won’t get into here. I am also going to help my children write out goals for the year, even if it’s just one thing for them to really focus on.

Here’s hoping 2016 will be a great year for everyone. Now, go forth and make it happen.


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