Life Happens

When your best is a little underwhelming…


…sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Yes, this is what our Advent wreath looked like around the first of December. My husband had pulled out all the Christmas boxes earlier that day and stacked them up in the garage. That evening, I asked the older ones to get the younger ones into the living room and find a comfy spot to sit, while I went to get all the Advent items out of their storage box. Then we would begin our yearly countdown to Christmas.

That was the plan, anyway. See, I thought I had put all the Advent items in one box when we stored them last year (in order to pull them out first and all together), but apparently not. I opened box after box, but found nothing. The kids were all sitting in the living room, waiting for me to find the candles, the candle ring, and the wreath and here I was muttering to myself, “No, I looked in that box already. Is it under the ornaments? No, that’s the pine cones. Ugh, where is everything?!”

Why I was looking for all these things after rounding up the kids, I have no idea. One day, I will get a hang of this mom thing.

I then remembered seeing the old candles from last year in an upper cabinet with the cookbooks (Why there? No clue). I gave up on the boxes and went into the kitchen. I climbed up on the counter top, (because I’m short and I climb on the counter top when I want something), and opened the cookbook cabinet to find that, yes, there were indeed old candles inside. A little burned, but still straight. Until I tried to get down, that is, when one slipped out of my hands and dropped to the floor, cracking.

We had something to burn, now I just needed something to hold them upright. Enter our emergency supplies. At the beginning of hurricane season, we bought taper candles and holders which fit inside the top of glass bottles, as backup lights in case the power goes out. Since we like a variety of liquor, we usually have empty wine, mead, or alcohol bottles on hand. These candle holders fit nicely and hold 5 tapers, just the amount we needed.

And this is how we started Advent this year. With old, cracked candles sitting on top of a mead bottle, burning brightly in the darkness while we prayed the first prayers. At that moment, it was literally the best we could do. And, sometimes, that is enough.


p.s. I found everything about a week later, in the box I had looked in three times. Everything, except the new candles I had purchased. Still haven’t found those.



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