Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

Minus Monday – 6th Week

Starting weight: I didn’t get one. I’ll just have to wait until the end of the week and post whatever I weigh at that time.


Meals: 2 protein bars (220), apple (75), popcorn (150), veggie jambalaya (260), 2 slices provolone chees (140) Total: 845

Water: 73 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 2 protein bars (220), large salad (110), 3 oz turkey burger patty (150), veggie jambalaya (260), pecan pie (250) Total: 990

Water: 60 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 2 protein bars (220), TLT (turkey lettuce tomato) sandwich (250), banana (100), 3 oz grilled chicken (130), 1/2 cup potato salad (130), dark chocolate (50) Total: 880

Water: 75 oz

Exercise: 15 mins sparring/ 15 mins aerobics/ 15 mins grappling


Meals: 2 protein bars (250), apple (75), large salad (100), TLT sandwich (210), 1 banana (100), 1 cup red beans and rice (250) Total: 985

Exercise: 10 mins aerobics/ 10 mins grappling

Water: 70 oz


Meals: 3 protein bars (500), TLT sandwich (280), beef jerky (250), lean cuisine meal (250) Total: 1280 (We traveled today for a family reunion. No fresh foods at all. I would love a salad and an apple right now. Why don’t more gas stations stock fresh fruits and veggies? Memo to self: pack for this next trip!)

Exercise: 1.5 hours swimming/playing with kids in hotel pool

Water: 60 oz


Meals: 1 protein bar (170), 2 brownies (180), 3 cups mixed fruit (255), 1 cup rice and gravy (250), chips (280), 1/2 enchilada (150) Total: 1285

Water: 80 oz (It was really hot at that reunion. And there wasn’t a fresh vegetable anywhere.)

Exercise: None


Meals: 2 protein bars (280), cheese sandwich (240), apple (75), grilled chicken salad (200), tiramisu (450) Total: 1245

Water: 40 oz

Exercise: None

Ending weight: 124.6

I felt better this week. My eating was a little up and down as my appetite came and went, but towards the end of the week things started to get more normal. I found someone to talk to who gave very good advice for the problem that came up last week. I’ve been following it, a little at a time (along with prayer and confession). It’s not over by a long shot, but at least someone has pointed out a path to follow. I can’t stress this enough, especially for those of us who don’t regularly (or easily) talk about our problems. Make sure you have at least one person in your life you can go to about anything and trust what they say.

I am purposely not filling in the details, because we all have times like this. You probably know what I’m going through, even without knowing what happened. It is a part of life, that sometimes we will all be struck down. An unexpected job loss, a car that won’t stop at a red light, a routine doctor visit turned tragic, someone we trust betraying us. Either way, your circumstances changed. You can throw up your hands and proclaim Life isn’t fair (Life knows this. It laughs.) Depending on your personality, you might need to do this for awhile. I needed 4 days to ignore almost everything so I could get my head screwed back on and adjust to this new reality. You may need more or less time, but don’t stay there. Don’t stay in the rut and think you can’t move on. You can. Don’t let one thing change all the goals you’ve set for yourself. Take the time you need, but find a way to get out and make your first steps into this different life.


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