Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

Minus Monday – 5th week

Beginning weight: 124.6


Meals: 2 slice pizza (700), 1 protein bar (110), chips (160), baked fish (85), small salad (100), 2 lemon squares (180) Total: 1335

Water: 40 oz

Exercise: 20 minutes aerobics/heavy bag


Meals: 1 protein bar (170), 1 small bowl cereal (200), 1 lemon square (90), 1 large salad (150), 1 cup yogurt with mixed berries (200), handful of chocolate (100), cup of hot chocolate (100), 3 oz chicken (130), garlic bread (100)

Water: 40 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 2 protein bars (280), 3 oz grilled chicken (130) 1 oz cheese (70) 1 butter/honey bread (200) 3 oz grilled chicken (130) 1 oz cheese (70)

Water: 50 oz

Exercise: 30 min sparring/kata


Meals: 2 protein bars (280), large salad (100), 2 toast with cottage cheese (200), banana and plain yogurt (200), chocolate (300)

Water: 50 oz

Exercise: 30 mins grappling

You’ll notice there is nothing after Thursday. On that night, I receive a surprise. Not the good kind, either. More the ‘completely-blindsided-what-the-hell-do-I-do-now’ kind. My mind was not on eating healthy. If there was food, I ate it. If there wasn’t food, I didn’t eat.

I’ve now had 4 days to think. I don’t really have any answers to my problem yet, but at least my head is a bit more clear. I started the log for next week and I’m going to try really hard to focus on it. It will give me something constructive to do.

I sincerely hope your week was better than mine. Keep up your goals and I’ll see you next week.


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