Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

Minus Monday – 4th Week

Starting weight: 124.6

I’m going to try to keep slightly better track of my calories this week. Not sure if I’ll post it each day, but we’ll see.


Meals: 1 protein bar (170), 1 bowl of cereal (200), 1 ham sandwich (150), medium salad (100), 3 oz hamburger patty (150), 1 cup ice cream (240) , 3 brownies (270)  Total: 1280

Water: 60 oz

Exercise: 45 mins yard work (cleaning out ditches from last year’s leaves and turning compost is a great arm and back workout!)


Meals: 2 protein bars (220), 3 oz hamburger patty (150), small salad (50), 1 brownie (90), spaghetti and noodles (330), buttered bread (150), yogurt and mixed berries (200)  Total: 1190

Water: 60 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 1 protein bar (110), 1 bowl chicken noodle soup (200), 1/2 cup ice cream (240), beef jerky (240) small salad (100) 3 oz hamburger patty (150) Total :1040

Water: 60 oz

Exercise: 15 mins sparring, 15 mins general aerobics, 30 mins grappling


Meals: 2 protein bars (280), 1 blueberry scone (330), 2 cafe mocha drinks (460), small salad (100) 3 oz baked chicken (130) Total: 1300

(I found this tiny coffee shop while waiting for my kids. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t know about it earlier in the week)

Water: 40 oz

Exercise: 20 mins light grappling


Meals: 2 protein bars (280), small bowl of cereal (200), 1/2 buttered bagel (200), 2 slices homemade pizza (400), small cup of candy (200)  Total: 1280

Water: 40 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 3 donuts (600), hamburger patty with cheese and tomato (250), chips (300), 2 cookies (120), 1 homemade pizza slice (220)  Total: 1490

(We hosted a teen’s night for our home school group and I was running around trying to get everything ready. When I’m nervous, chances are I’ll eat whatever happens to be in front of me, as you can plainly see.)

Water: 40 oz

Exercise: None


Meals: 1 protein bar (170), chips (300), 1 slice pizza (350), 1 buttered cinnamon bread (250) Total: 1070

Water: 20 oz

Exercise: None

Ending weight: 124.6

I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain any, either, despite some rather poor eating choices and very little exercise. Always try to find something good you did the previous week, as weight loss and negativity are poor bedfellows. My good thing: at least I put down all my food and calories, so yay for record keeping!

Have a great week and see you next Monday.


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