Book Opinions

Alice in Wonderland

This was not the book I planned on reading in April.

The problem was I found myself looking at the date (April 17) and realizing there was no way I would finish something deep and thought provoking by the end of the month. This is one resolution I’m trying hard to keep, so I walked to the bookshelf to see  what a) I had bought and hadn’t read yet which might qualify as a classic and b) I could finish with only a couple weeks left. Lo and behold, I saw this title leaning up against Les Miserables. Only 170 pages? Perfect.

I picked it up and began reading. It starts out with a bang. Only a page or two goes by before we are tumbling down a hole after the White Rabbit. What follows is something that sort of made my head hurt. As Alice soon finds out, not much makes sense in this new world. Those she runs across are very touchy and the environment changes at a whim. I’m not sure who’s whim, but I’m pretty sure it was hovering above Wonderland, laughing at her. And me.

I met all the characters I remember seeing in the animated Disney movie by the same name. Many times I have been less than impressed with how books are turned into movies. Having read the story, I can say this is one show I think Disney got just about right. The nonsense, the vivid colors, the plot that barely moves…you could almost just watch the movie and not read the book. But don’t do that, because then you’ll never know if I’m right or wrong.

I wondered if Lewis Carroll was a bit, uh, impaired, when he wrote this book. But a few days after reading it, I ran across an article that had a different idea about the story (yes, ok, it’s Cracked, but it was interesting!) This article proposed that Lewis was angry at math and so made up a world to express the way he felt about the senselessness of it. This…actually made more sense to me. I often get lost with higher maths, especially the kinds I can’t readily apply to daily life. So, Lewis, I feel your pain.

This was a very easy read I finished in one sitting. Recommended for pre-teen and up.


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