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2015 Resolutions

Have you made any resolutions yet? Is that even something you do? I’ve heard pros and cons about the practice, but this year I’m going to try my best to stick with the plans I’ve made.

I’m breaking my resolutions into different categories this year. Some are spiritual, some are health related, and some are directed at intellectual pursuits. My hope is to end 2015 a healthier, wiser person than I begin it. I have all my goals neatly laid on a big yellow pad. In the next few days, however, I hope to have them transferred to decorative paper. I’m going to be looking at them for quite some time and I’d prefer to keep checking a list that is attractive instead of purely utilitarian.

On the intellectual front, I’ve made a list of classics I’m forever saying I will read and then don’t pick up. The plan is to read one of these a month, so 12 in all. That gives me time to let my brain rest between each one and also leaves room to read books which are more light-hearted. I can’t forever dine on literary chicken and vegetables. I crave chocolate and cream cheese in print form, too.

For spiritual well-being, I will finish Christ, the Life of the Soul and then move on to the history of the Catholic Church. I’ve had classes in church history long ago (high school), but it is past time for a refresher course. In addition, I’ve laid out a prayer schedule for myself, to make sure this very precious time is not pushed off to the side. I can’t make it through the day on will power alone. I need supernatural help for that.

I’m also trying to get more dedicated to writing. So I am setting a timer for 20 minutes a day to write my novel. In addition, I want to commit to 2 blog posts a month. One of these posts will probably be on whatever I’m reading at the moment and the other will be on various topics that pop up in my head.

As for eating, I will continue to drink 3-4 bottles of water a day. I plan to eat 2 servings of fresh veggies each day and get the rest of my servings through my soups (which I have found is my favorite, pain-free way of consuming a wide variety of vegetables.) In general, my eating is good and healthy, so I’m only looking at small reductions in amount and frequency. I have put on weight since my injury and I am eager to reduce that to my previous level.

Finally, to improve my physical health, I’ve laid out an exercise plan that takes into account the limitations I still face due to spinal disc issues. I will be varying my time between walking and a stationary bike, along with strength training, slightly modified to keep injury a remote possibility. I have learned to listen to my body closely and not go beyond the first twinges telling me to stop.

It sounds a tad ambitious all laid out, but it’s really only tweaking what I’m already doing. By making small changes, I hope to be more successful in sticking with my goals. Whatever your goals happen to be this year, I hope you choose to make some and then work to achieve them. Good luck to you in the new year!


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