Life Happens

Setbacks – Part 4

And here I come to the last of this little series. I am writing this in December, long after I had my first appointment.

The place recommended to me by my doctor was excellent. The therapists were friendly as well as knowledgable. They encouraged me to listen to my body in terms of pain, but also to push a little further each day. Some days it was all I could do to get through what they laid out, but I did it. I had 2 sessions a week for 3 months. These involved heat, massages, and motion exercises to get my body moving again. Eventually, resistance was added and by the time I was released, I had regained 90% of my range of motion. A great accomplishment for someone who couldn’t turn their head on the first visit!

Things are much better now. I can make it through Mass without sitting on a pillow. I no longer need help doing basic chores around the house. I can walk for exercise and lift light weights. I’ve rejoined my jujitsu classes and am starting karate again after the holidays.

I occasionally have bad days. These can range from a slight twinge in the neck all the way up to loss of feeling in my left arm. But the time between these incidents is growing longer. And for that I am sincerely thankful.

Now, on to the next adventure!


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