Coming up for air

It’s been a long two months. We’ve sort of had a winter this year, multiple days where the temp got no higher than 40 and dropped into the lower 20s. Icicles hung from just about everything. Snow fell from the sky and piled up until it was nearly 2 inches tall.

I can hear you northern people laughing at me. Stop it! We were totally not prepared to deal with that kind of weather. Sweltering heat, torrential rains, hurricanes? pfftt…..  Temps below freezing? All daily life must cease!

All that cold made me want to sit and stare out the window, sipping coffee. It whispered, “Stay inside, where its nice and cozy. It’s so comfortable; why would you want to leave?”

I feel like I listened to that voice for too long. It kept me lethargic, content to let the world go on without me.

Until this past weekend, when spring finally arrived! I cannot express how awesome it was to go outside in normal clothes, instead of layer after layer. It was like waking up after sleeping for ages, a sunny day after weeks of clouds.

Even if it gets cold again, the hibernation is over. I’m awake and ready for the new year.


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