Weight Loss

Minus Monday – Week 6

I know it’s Monday and every Monday I post my current weight. I’m not doing that today for the simple reason that I don’t have an accurate weight. There is a simple, biological reason for that.


I am female, in case you missed that.  Our bodies normally follow a rhythm, so it’s just doing what it’s supposed to do. For me, this includes side effects, one of which is bloating. The scale goes up 2-4 lbs and it takes about a week for things to go back down. So my weight next Monday should be right and I’ll post it then.



Last week was a bit rough. I ate my veggies and drank my water, but I didn’t work out much. I was just bone tired. I think I did 3 workouts total; they were hard ones, but still. This week is going to be a bit screwy: I have a 5k, Thanksgiving, a wedding, and Renaissance Festival, so lots going on in a short space of time.

Since 2 of those were goals I had set, I want to talk about them a bit, along with the reality of where I find myself.

First up, 5k on Wednesday. This is a race I run each year and I enjoy it; it’s at night, through a nice neighborhood, and the food afterwards is really good. But I will not be able to work on a personal time because my oldest two decided to run with me. On one hand, this is a tad disappointing because I had been working toward getting a good time. On the other hand, WHOA! My two oldest want to run a 5k! I am one proud mama. Instead of this Wednesday being about me, it will be about us, encouraging each other to do our best and cross the finish line. I guess that walking program is really paying off.

Secondly, the wedding. I wanted to look better for this wedding than the one I attended six weeks ago, but it has been taken out of my hands. IF the hormone levels have dropped by then, I might see a difference. But I won’t know until that day. Rather frustrating, but then life often is.

For Thanksgiving, I am giving myself permission, for the main meal when we are all together as a family, to eat whatever I like. This is probably going to include a lot of veggies and protein anyway, but I am not stressing about the pies or side dishes. Part of the reason I watch what I eat the rest of the time is so that for special occasions, I can just enjoy myself with treats. If I keep it to one meal, and not drag it out the rest of the day or into the next one, the impact should be negligible.

Finally, Renfest. I wait for November each year just so I can dress up and go back in time for a day. Normally, it’s a three day weekend just for me, a mini vacation on my own. But due to a lot of things, this year it’s going to be a one day family affair. My husband and I and our two oldest will be going and the youngest two with be staying with family (their attention space just isn’t there yet). I am looking forward to watching my kids enjoy themselves at jousting, and the blacksmith demonstration, and comedy shows, and games, not to mention all the cool things for sale.

It’s going to be a busy week, but I think it’ll be a good one.

See you on the other side.


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