Weight Loss

Minus Monday – Week 4

I’ve been dreading this post all day; since I woke up this morning and read 121.4 on the scale. Sigh….

Did I chuck all my goals out the window and throw caution to the wind? Au contraire. I worked out for 5 days, I strength trained for 3, I ate a cup of veggies each day, and drank all my water (really proud of that, by the way). So what gives?

I think it’s simply because I ate too much. Lean turkey and whole wheat bread will pack on weight just fine if you let them. This past week my appetite shot sky high, maybe due to working out more. I didn’t *need* more food, but I certainly *craved* more, and indulged accordingly.

I don’t like failure. Who does, really? But what makes this even worse is that it’s public; an open admission of a bad move. As an extremely introverted person, I had to talk myself into posting this. This is what kept running through my head:

“Come on, don’t write anything. No one is going to miss this.”

“You know you worked out and really tried. No one needs to know the scale doesn’t show it.”

“Write that you lost a little bit. Who’s to know otherwise?”

“Just pick up next week, when you (hopefully) have something more inspiring to put down.”

I could have done any of these things. But in the end, who would I be fooling? Only myself.

Today I started writing down everything I eat. I’m going to find out where I am over indulging and work to correct that. I promise to put a faithful list up next week for anyone who would like to read it. Also, I will extend cardio to 25 minutes, add 1/2 cup of veggies, and 1/2 cup of fruit daily.

Wish me luck!



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