Weight Loss

Minus Monday – Week 2

I am beginning to understand why keeping a journal for weight loss is recommended; it makes you pay close attention to yourself.  Changing something is only possible when you become aware of it and I’m seeing some behaviors emerging I didn’t know I had. Once I get them all written down, I’ll share them with you.

On to the good stuff! Did I reach my goals and what was the result?

To recap, last week I planned to have cardio sessions 5 days for 20 minutes, weight training 3 days for 5 mins, and to drink 3 bottles of water each day. Here’s the breakdown:

-5 cardio sessions. Erm, not quite. I did four sessions, not five.

-3 weight training sessions. This one I did. Yay!

-3 bottles of water each day. Yep, nailed it.

The scale reflected this. 120.8, down from 122. Woohoo!

Now, about the cardio. I forgot my husband and older boys would be gone for a 2 day campout. 25 minutes of uninterrupted time doesn’t really happen unless the little ones are occupied and all my babysitters were gone. For some reason, when I am working out, all these very important things happen that have to be addressed NOW. Such as, “Mom, I found this bug. Can you tell me what its name is?” or “Mom, what are the words to this song? Can you sing it to me?” I can’t run with them (you’re going too fast! I can’t keep up!) and I can’t weight train with them (no emergency room visits, please), so after about the fourth interruption, I throw in the towel. Given all this, I am choosing to look at it as “Hey, I did a whole extra workout this week” verses “Man, I didn’t get all of them done.” Negativity just backfires; glass half full, people.

This week I will continue the 20 minute cardio sessions (5 days here I come!) and add 5 more minutes to weight training. Since I will have 10 minutes, I will focus on upper, lower, and core exercises separately.

On the nutrition front, I will continue the 3 bottles of water daily. To that, I will add vegetables. Each day I will eat one cup of veggies (2 servings), which is a rather paltry amount compared to what I should be eating. Our garden made it super easy to have fresh produce on hand during the spring and summer. But it petered out about the same time school started and, well, I just didn’t make veggies a priority when shopping. However, our fall garden is developing nicely. I can begin harvesting lettuce, which will go quite well with my store-bought tomatoes and cucumbers (finally remembered to get them).

The only thing I am a little nervous about is a party on Saturday. We are hosting an All Saints Day get together (slightly late) and there will be gumbo and potato salad along with homemade desserts. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to fill up on a salad and water right before people get here and start laying those goodies out. At least then I can minimize the damage because I’ll be too full to put one more thing in my tummy.


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