Weight Loss

Minus Monday – Week One

I am stealing (borrowing?) a term I learned from Take Shape For Life: Minus Monday! Each Monday I am going to post about the previous week. I’ll talk about what I did right, what I did wrong, and my current weight.

Last week I started out on fire. I wanted to focus just on exercising, since I like to work out and thought I would set myself up for success by doing something fun (a la Dave Ramsey). Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I walked/jogged for 20 mins. It felt great! I like listening to music while I run; I can tune everything out and just go with the beat.  I decided Thursday would be a rest day, so I could pick up again for Friday and Saturday, resting on Sunday. Sounds good, right?

Only it didn’t turn out that way. Thursday night, out of the kindness of his heart, my husband picked up a can of ravioli for me. Not the off brand either; the real Chef Boyardee one. I grew up on that stuff and it was my favorite dinner for a long time, just barely beating out ramen noodles. But I haven’t had it for close to two years. I can resist putting it in the shopping cart, but I couldn’t refuse it as a gift. Food is a big part of our culture in South Louisiana and refusing to eat is a serious insult. So, I ate it. It didn’t taste as good as I remember, but I made my husband happy.

I’m thinking, no big deal. One meal on my rest day will be ok; I’m not clamping down on food habits this week. Just exercising. Except, would you like to know what happened Friday and Saturday? I spent so much time getting things ready for my daughter’s birthday party that I didn’t set aside the time to work out. On top of that, seemingly encouraged by my response to the ravioli, my husband bought my favorite truffles and handed them over with a happy look on his face. He saw I was stressed out and wanted to do something nice to make me smile. Of course, I ate some of them. Sigh.

This habit-forming thing is tough. It’s so easy to say what you are going to do; so much harder to follow through. On top of no exercising, I also ate more sweets and chips Saturday than I typically do in a month. I’m fine with cakes as long as I’m baking and decorating, but once they get cut, oh boy, self-restraint flies out the window. And just eating one chip? Hahahahaha…….

Show of hands, after reading this post, is anyone surprised that my scale this morning said 122? Anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I now face a choice: I can throw up my hands and say, “Screw it” and go polish off the rest of the cake. Or, I can let it go, get back up, and try again. I’m going to go with option number 2.

What am I going to do this week? I will be jogging/walking for 20 mins again, but I am adding 5 minutes of strength training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Nothing big; just 5 lb weights and some total body moves. I figure if I add 5 minutes a week to my over all time, I can slowly train myself up to 45 minute workouts.

Also, I will focus on one food related habit: making sure I drink enough water. I don’t really like water, but I like what it does for me. To encourage this habit, I spent a little time looking for a good water bottle and I found this one. It holds 24 oz, so I only have to refill it 3 times per day. There is no straw to clean and it doesn’t leak when I drop it. It also has a handy little clip to latch onto a purse, booksack, belt loop, etc. It has helped tremendously, but this week I’m cracking down to make sure I get my three full bottles.

Oh, and I’m going to talk to my husband about bringing potted flowers home instead of food if he wants to surprise me.


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